Am I Eligible for Illinois Workers’ Comp Benefits if My Spouse Dies on the Job?

Illinois Workers' Compensation LawyerIf someone suffers a fatal injury at work, the law allows death benefits to be awarded to the person’s spouse, dependents, and children. Like any other workers’ comp claim, it is necessary that the injury occur in a situation “arising out of” the person’s employment. An experienced Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get compensation for the death of your spouse.


What are the Requirements to Receive Compensation for a Fatally Injured Spouse?

If an employee is fatally injured while performing their job, their dependents and spouse are likely eligible to receive death benefits. Such an injury can be something as simple as being maimed by a piece of equipment, but it could also be something less obvious such as a heart attack. The litmus test is whether it can be connected to their duties at work.

What are Death Benefits?

Death benefits typically include medical bills and funeral expenses. They also include weekly payments that are based on the injured worker’s salary. The duration of the payments depend on whether or not the spouse remarries, the age of the dependents, and whether they attend college.

Are There Other Options?

If someone other than the employer caused the employee’s death, a surviving spouse or dependent may be able to initiate a personal injury claim against them. You cannot make a personal injury claim against your employer — you are limited to a workers’ compensation claim for death benefits. A capable Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to walk you through all of your legal options and advise you on the best course of action.

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