What Factors Could Influence the Length of My Personal Injury Claim in Illinois?

Injured man consults a personal injury attorneyNo two personal injury claims are identical. There are several factors that affect the timeline to resolve a personal injury claim. As experienced Chicago personal injury attorneys, we recognize that a slower pace may be frustrating, but there are many factors that may be affecting the length of their personal injury case.

Assessment of the Injury

The severity of an individual’s injury may influence the time period for a personal injury claim. Injured victims may need medical attention for several months following a personal injury. Before accepting a settlement or proceeding to a trial, it is important to determine the full magnitude of the injury in order to seek an adequate amount of damages.

Timeline from Injury to Trial

The steps between the time of the injury to the date of the settlement conference or trial will likely influence the timespan for your personal injury claim. The discovery period, which provides an opportunity for the attorneys to exchange information and facts related to the case, may last more than six months depending on the complexity of the facts and circumstances surrounding the claim.

After the discovery period, a settlement conference or meditation between the parties may be mandatory before the case can proceed to trial. In the event that the parties are unable to reach a settlement agreement, a trial must be scheduled. Depending on the court’s calendar, the number of witnesses, and the facts involved in the claim, a trial might take two days or several weeks.

Many factors can affect the length of a personal injury claim, but an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney can estimate a timeline for your personal injury claim based on the facts of your case.

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