What are the Benefits of Settling My Illinois Workers’ Comp Case?

Illinois workers' comp lawyerWhether it is better for you to settle your workers’ compensation case or go to trial will vary according to your circumstances, and an experienced Illinois workers’ comp lawyer can help you make the decision. It is important to note that your employer’s insurance company is not required to offer you a lump-sum settlement, and you might be able to get more if you go to trial — but that is not guaranteed.

Settling your case will offer its own set of advantages, some of which include:

  • Timing – While you may be able to get greater compensation if you take your claim to trial, sometimes the added expense and the time value of money must be considered. However, if an offer is too low even given the time value of money and the expense associated with trial, then an experienced workers’ compensation attorney should advise you to proceed with litigation. Our law firm is always willing to try a case rather than accept short money.
  • A Guaranteed Amount – No matter how solid the evidence in your favor, going to trial is always a risk, whereas a settlement guarantees you a certain amount of compensation. If your claim goes to trial, you could get more than the proposed settlement — but you could also get less.
  • Closure – If your health has returned and you want closure, a settlement will allow you to get compensation and move on.

Should I Settle?

Only you and an your Illinois workers’ comp lawyer can decide whether settling your claim is the right choice for you, but generally speaking, you should only do so if you have fully recovered from your injuries. One of the biggest disadvantages to accepting a settlement is the fact that doing so often entails forfeiting your future medical rights for that injury.

Rubens Kress and Mulholland: Experienced Illinois Workers’ Comp Lawyers

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