What If I Don’t Seek Medical Attention for My Personal Injury?

Personal injury claimNot seeking medical attention after sustaining a personal injury can severely weaken your ability to make a successful claim against the responsible party. Even if you are injured due to another person’s negligence, you still have an obligation to take reasonable action to mitigate the effects of those injuries.

It is a common tactic for defendants to attempt to reduce the damages that can be recovered by showing that the plaintiff did not seek appropriate treatment — but seeking immediate medical attention and retaining a capable Illinois personal injury lawyer can help you prevent that from happening.

The Importance of Continual Treatment

Most personal injuries that are severe enough to warrant attorney involvement will require more than one visit with a medical professional, and it is the injured party’s duty to continue to seek appropriate treatment and to follow the advice of medical professionals. Refusing recommended treatment or disregarding your doctor’s advice for recovering from your injury can reduce the damages you are able to recover, particularly if the injury worsens as a result.

An important exception is a situation in which a treatment involves risk. For instance, if your injury could be treated by routine surgery with a high rate of success, forgoing that surgery could hurt your claim; but if the surgery carries significant risks of further injury, electing not to have the procedure may not affect your ability to recover damages.

Alternative Treatments

While alternative treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathic remedies may be gaining popularity in some circles, using such methods to treat an injury instead of seeking the help of traditional medical professionals will likely reduce the damage you can recover.

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