What is My Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim Worth?

Illinois workers' compensation attorneyThe facts of every case are different, and there are no guarantees, but an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney can help you get money for your work-related injuries. It is impossible to estimate a settlement amount for any claim, but it is important to take note of a variety of factors that go into determining how much your case will be worth under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. Some of these factors include:

  • Your Wages – The greater your wages prior to your injury, the more your claim is likely to be worth. This is especially true if you are forced to take a job that pays less, as the disparity in wages could have an effect on your payments or settlement amount.
  • Whether You Have an Attorney – If you do not have representation, it is highly likely that the insurance company will give you a low settlement offer. This is one of the many reasons why it is important to seek the help of a capable Illinois workers’ compensation attorney.
  • Your Ability to Work – If you cannot return to your job, or if you return with restrictions, your case is likely to be worth more.
  • Your Age – The younger you are, the more your workers’ compensation claim is likely to be worth, since an injury to a younger worker will have a more pronounced effect on their lifetime earning potential.
  • Your Ability to Recover – If your injury is permanent in some way and has a lasting effect on your quality of life, your claim is likely worth more than a claim for an injury from which you can completely recover.

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