What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

person filling out a work injury claim formIf you are injured in the course of your employment, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. For this reason, Illinois law requires employers to be able to cover the potential expense of such benefits. Most employers will maintain workers’ compensation insurance to provide coverage for employees who are injured on the job.

  • How it Works – When an employer maintains workers’ compensation insurance, the insurance company pays out workers’ compensation benefits on behalf of the employer.
  • Do I Pay for Workers’ Compensation Insurance? – It is illegal to charge any part of the premium for workers’ compensation insurance or benefits to employees.
  • How Can I Tell Who is Responsible for My Compensation Costs? –  Employees may easily identify the party that is responsible for paying workers’ compensation benefits by checking their employer’s workplace notice.
  • Can Employers Choose Not to Carry Insurance? – Employers that do not wish to purchase workers’ compensation insurance have to obtain approval to self-insure from the state of Illinois. If an employer chooses not to purchase workers’ compensation insurance and does not self-insure, they are subject to a variety of possible penalties, including fines and imprisonment. The company could also be shut down until it obtains insurance.
  • What Are My Rights if My Employer is Uninsured? – As long as an employer is without workers’ compensation insurance, it is without the protections of the Workers’ Compensation Act, giving employees who were injured during that time the opportunity to sue in civil court.

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