Workers’ Compensation Rights You Should Know About Before Initiating a Claim in Illinois

Workers Compensation Law BooksYou are entitled to certain rights when initiating a workers’ compensation claim in Illinois. Many workers are a little unclear on some of these rights, given recent changes to the law, and that is one of the many reasons to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney working on your behalf.

While Illinois workers’ compensation law is complex — and you should speak with an attorney about the full scope of your rights — there are a few basic things you should keep in mind when deciding to initiate a claim:

  • You are probably eligible to submit an Illinois workers’ compensation claim for injuries “arising out of” your employment provided any of the following three conditions are met: you were hired in Illinois, your primary employment is in Illinois, or if the injury occurred in Illinois.
  • A successful workers’ compensation claim can provide one or more of the following benefits:
    • Medical expense benefits
    • Temporary total disability benefits
    • Permanent partial disability benefits
  • You must report the injury to your supervisor within 45 days of the injury, though it is recommended that you consult an attorney and begin the process as soon as possible.
  • It is against Illinois law for your employer to harass, discharge, or discriminate against you because you initiate a workers’ compensation claim.
  • In most cases, you may choose the physician who treats your injury. There are, however, certain rules governing how many doctors you can see and still be covered.

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