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Nursing home negligence is a serious issue that can cause irreversible harm to elderly or disabled individuals. Individuals residing in nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to neglect and abuse, and can have devastating effects on their physical and mental health. Unfortunately, instances of negligence in nursing homes are not uncommon, and victims of negligence may be owed compensation for the harm they have suffered.

The personal injury attorneys at R&M can investigate and pursue claims of nursing home negligence in Illinois to ensure that victims are fairly compensated for their losses.

Understanding who we can represent

The personal injury attorneys at R&M can represent you in a nursing home case if any of the following instances are accurate:

  • The nursing home neglected to keep the resident free of bed sores, which can often lead to infection, sepsis, and even death.
  • The nursing home failed to properly nourish the resident, resulting in malnutrition or dehydration.
  • The nursing home failed to protect the resident resulting in one or more of these signs of neglect including bruises, broken bones, burns, or abrasions.
  • Failure to properly document the care and treatment of residents.
  • The nursing home did not properly monitor the resident for signs of physical and/or mental decline.
  • The nursing home staff failed to turn and reposition the resident in a timely manner.
  • Failed to properly prevent, detect, and treat infections.
  • Failure to properly investigate, address, and report allegations of abuse or neglect.
  • The nursing home failed to provide proper personal care resulting in poor hygiene, and/or dirty clothing or bedding.
  • The nursing home did not provide proper staffing to ensure that residents are adequately monitored and cared for.

If any of the above instances are true for you or your loved one – you may be entitled to pursue a personal injury case.

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