Chicago Drowning Accident Lawyer

While Chigaoans enjoy living on the shores of Lake Michigan, drowning accidents can and do happen in the lake as well as in backyards throughout Illinois, in common swimming pools. Even near-drowning incidents can result in medical expenses that can cripple individuals and families, darkening what should be one of the delights of summer.

In some cases, these incidents may be the result of negligence, or of a failure to comply with the law. There are two Illinois laws on the books that are especially relevant:

  • Illinois Swimming Facility Act: This law dictates that public pools are required to post a sign with the pool’s maximum occupancy, when lifeguards are available, and pool regulations.
  • Private Swimming Pool Enclosure Act: This law stipulates that that residential pools are required to be surrounded by a barrier that is at least 3.5 feet high. Additional requirements may also apply in different municipalities.

Ignoring the requirements of the above laws, or engaging in otherwise negligent or reckless behavior that results in the drowning or near-drowning of another, may render the responsible party liable for damages.

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