Chicago Slip & Fall Injury Attorney

Slip-and-Fall-AccidentInjuries often occur from slip and fall accidents. Your recovery may be affected by the injured party’s status in relation to the owner. Whether the injured party was invited into a business, was the guest of a friend, or a trespasser, their status will influence the potential recovery. Our law firm can help you determine the likelihood of success based on your situation.

Oftentimes, people slip and fall due to a dangerous condition on a property that may have been caused by the owner’s negligence. The owner’s negligence may cause dangerous conditions such as a wet floors, inadequate lighting, objects on the floor, puddles, broken stairs, hidden objects or various other obstacles on the floor that may cause one to fall. Slip and fall cases are often difficult to prove because the law requires you to prove that the owner of the property either created the dangerous condition or that they knew about it or reasonably should have known about it and knew that it posed a danger before the accident. Property owners will consistently deny that they knew about the dangerous condition or knew that it posed a hazard.

With early and aggressive investigation, it makes it less difficult to prove that the owner did know about the dangerous condition or that they created the dangerous condition. That is just another reason why you should contact our law firm immediately after you have been injured in a slip and fall accident. Our law firm will start investigating the accident immediately. As always, the initial consultation for slip and fall accidents is free, so there is no detriment in contacting us potentially a huge benefit. Contact us now for a free evaluation of your case.