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Most Dangerous Roads Bicyclists

Most Dangerous Roads Bicyclists

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Most Dangerous Roads in America for Cyclists

When it comes to cycling, safety is the top priority, especially when you’re sharing the road with cars, trucks, and even other cyclists and pedestrians. Along with having a limited visibility to drivers, cyclists have to carefully navigate narrow shoulders of road and busy intersections. But even after precautions are taken, accidents can still happen, which is why more than 1,000 bicyclists died in 2015 and nearly half a million sustained injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

In order to find out where these accidents are most prevalent, we took a look at the most dangerous roads in America for cyclists. Below is a list of the most dangerous roads in cities with populations of 500,000 or more.

Bike Danger
New York Los Angeles
Austin Jacksonville
Baltimore Fort Worth
Chicago Houston
Columbus Charlotte
Dallas San Jose
El Paso Detroit
Las Vegas Louisville
Memphis Nashville
Milwaukee Albuquerque
Philadelphia Phoenix
Portland Oklahoma City
San Antonio San Diego
San Francisco Indianapolis
Seattle Denver
Tucson Fresno
Washington DC Boston

Of the 34 cities on our list, the cities with the highest pedalcyclist fatality rates are Albuquerque (8.94 pedalcyclist fatalities per 1 million people) and Tucson (7.52 pedalcyclist fatalities per 1 million people), according to the NHTSA. Dallas and Indianapolis had the lowest pedalcyclist fatality rates with 0.77 pedalcyclist fatalities per 1 million people and 1.17 pedalcyclist fatalities per 1 million people, respectively.

We researched data from all 34 cities, which included collisions, injuries and fatalities. We also factored in the overall danger these roads pose to cyclists. For example, we found that roadways with narrow shoulders and roads without bike lanes had higher rates of injuries and collisions.


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