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Attorneys love to advertise that they want union business. Union workers often make high salaries which means they can potentially get big settlements.

But ask this question: Do these attorneys really support unions? For example, the The Law Offices of Jason H. Rubens, P.C. office uses union print shops for its stationary and business cards.

Mr. Rubens expanded jurisdiction under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act by successfully changing the law in the case of Mahoney v. United Airlines.

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Common injuries that union workers can endure on the job

Union workers often suffer serious injuries such as:

Top workers’ compensation settlements for union workers

Below are some of our notable settlements that we’ve obtained for our clients who are union members.

  • $379,900.00 for a union carpenter who suffered a career-ending back injury requiring a lumbar fusion surgery. Our firm won the case at the Arbitrator, Workers’ Compensation Commission and Circuit Court levels before the case was ultimately settled.
  • $375,594.00 for a union carpenter with a surgically repaired bicep tendon.
  • $350,000.00 for a union plumber with multiple torn tendons in his foot that were surgically repaired.
  • $325,000.00 settlement following an award of wage differential benefits for a union pipefitter who suffered a herniated disc from lifting at work. The Petitioner did not have surgery and there was only an offer of approximately $30,000.00 prior to trial.
  • $260,000.00 for a union plumber who suffered a back injury with surgery.
  • See a full list of our work comp settlements and verdicts.

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Types of union workers that we’ve represented

The number of industry union employees that The Law Offices of Jason H. Rubens, P.C. have represented is too large to list. Here is a sample of types of employees that we’ve represented in the past:

  • Ramp servicemen
  • Flight attendants & airline workers
  • Dock workers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • City of Chicago employees
  • Movers

The Law Offices of Jason H. Rubens, P.C. has successfully represented union employees who have suffered these injuries as well as many more.

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