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Claims & Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be developed as a result of a number of occupations. Fortunately, carpal tunnel is covered under Illinois workers’ compensation law, meaning sufferers may be eligible for benefits.

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Carpal tunnel settlements from our workers’ compensation attorneys

  • $225,000.00 for an insurance adjuster who suffered from bilateral carpal tunnel without surgery (paid after initial trial in which causation was found).
  • $180,000.00 for a factory worker with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and a disputed neck surgery.
  • $176,000.00 for an office worker with an operated bilateral carpal tunnel.
  • $165,000.00 for a collection supervisor with an operated bilateral carpal tunnel.
  • $130,000.00 for an office worker with operated carpal tunnel syndrome.
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What is carpal tunnel syndrome? How do you know if you have carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the median nerve — which runs from the forearm to the palm — is compressed. This nerve controls finger and thumb movement, in addition to sensations in the palm of the hand.

Potential symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Burning, itching, tingling, and/or numbness in the palms and fingers
  • A sensation of having swollen fingers, even when the fingers are not swollen
  • A feeling of stiffness in in the fingers upon waking up
  • Decreased strength in the hand
  • Decreased ability to grip

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Types of workers who are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

Some of the professions that most commonly lead to carpal tunnel syndrome include:

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