Can I Sue My Employer for Negligence?

Chicago workers’ compensation attorneyYou cannot collect workers’ compensation and sue your employer for a work-related injury — but what if you just want to pursue a lawsuit without collecting works’ comp benefits for a workplace injury? In most cases, you cannot do that, either. An experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorney can tell you why.

Why Can’t I Sue My Employer for an Injury on the Job?

Illinois law forbids employees from suing their employers for negligence, with the reasoning being the state’s workers’ compensation system operates on a no-fault basis. That means that, to collect workers’ compensation benefits, you don’t have to prove that your injury was caused by a mistake on your employer’s part — you just have to be able to prove that your injury arose out of and in the course of your employment.

Proving that you were hurt on the job tends to be easier than proving that you were hurt as a result of somebody else’s mistakes. And with the exception of compensation for pain and suffering, a workers’ comp claim covers much of what you might seek in a personal injury claim, including medical expenses.

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