Am I Eligible for Workers’ Comp Benefits if I am Injured During My Commute?

Chicago commuteIn most cases, you will not be eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits while traveling to or from work, though there are some notable exceptions. If you live and work in the Chicago area and you have been injured at work or on the way to work, it is important for you to speak with an experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorney.

When Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits When I am Injured During My Commute?

Some of the situations in which a commuting injury may render you eligible for workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • On-call employees may be covered by Illinois workers’ compensation law as soon as they are called in to work — even if they are hurt while at home.
  • Employees who sustain an injury during work-related travel may be eligible for compensation, even if the employee is not working at the time.
  • If an employee is injured while running a work-related errand on the way to or from work, they may be eligible for benefits.

Some factors that will affect whether employees in these situations may be eligible to received Illinois workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Whether the employee is driving a personal vehicle or a company car. If the employer owns the car, the employee is more likely to be eligible for benefits.
  • Whether reimbursement for commuting costs and time is covered by the employer.
  • Whether or not the employee was traveling to an event at the request of the employer.

There are many other variables in play when determining whether commuters are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. To discuss your situation, it is crucial to consult a capable Chicago workers’ compensation attorney.

Rubens Kress and Mulholland: Experienced Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

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