What Factors Could Influence My Personal Injury Settlement Amount in Illinois?

Injured man consults a personal injury attorneyOne of the first questions that many people have when they initiate a claim after sustaining an injury is: what will my personal injury settlement amount be? While we can point to past personal injury settlements, there is no way to give you an estimate of what your claim is worth. The circumstances of every case are different, and there are a variety of factors that can affect your personal injury settlement amount in Illinois. Here are few things that might affect the outcome of your claim.

Some Factors in Personal Injury Settlement Amounts

  • Pain and Suffering – The extent of your injury and the ease of recovery are primary considerations when determining settlement amounts.
  • Disability – Your settlement amount may also be influenced by whether or not your personal injury results in a disability of some kind.
  • Medical Expenses – It is crucial that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after sustaining a personal injury — this is not only for the sake of your health, but because delaying medical attention could negatively affect your settlement amount. If some of your injuries were pre-existing, that can also have a bearing on the settlement amount for a personal injury case.
  • Wage Loss – If your ability to work is affected by your personal injury, it could play an important role in determining the amount of your settlement.

While all of these things can play a role in determining the settlement amount for a personal injury case, they may not all apply. There may also be other factors at play, including witness testimony.

There are no guarantees about personal injury claims — there may not even be an offer of a settlement. Whether or not a settlement is likely, an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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