The IWCC Resolved My Case, but the Insurance Company Won’t Pay Me

Chicago Workers' CompensationIf the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission has ruled that you should receive benefits and you have not received any payments from your employer’s insurance company, you should contact a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney. While there is not a strict rule about how soon you should receive either your settlement or an arbitrator’s award, you are entitled to timely payment. If the insurance company delays paying you for too long, your attorney may be able to pursue penalties and fees on your behalf.

Given the comprehensive nature of workers’ compensation benefits, a refusal to pay benefits or unreasonable delays can cause big problems for injured workers, making it crucial to have a capable workers’ comp lawyer on your side.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois, 100% of the medical expenses for your work-related injury should be covered. If your employer cannot accommodate your permanent restrictions resulting from your injury, you may also be eligible for vocational rehabilitation. In addition, you may be eligible for one of the following:

  • Temporary Total Disability (TTD) – TTD allows you to collect up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage while you’re unable to work, or when you have light-duty restrictions that your employer cannot accommodate.
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) – PPD indicates a permanent disability, but with the ability to continue working in some capacity. Having a limited range of motion is an example of an injury that may render you eligible for PPD payments. Before you can receive PPD payments, you much have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), which allows your employer and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to evaluate your disability and your entitlement to benefits.
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD) – If you have suffered a work-related injury that has rendered you completely unable to work on a permanent basis, you may be eligible to receive lifetime weekly PTD payments equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

You and your attorney have the ability to attempt to pursue a potential total permanent disability in al ump sum, although your employer is not required to make a lump sum settlement offer.

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