Mahoney vs. Illinois Industrial Commission: 10 Years Later

Jason Rubens

Jason Rubens

On January 20, 2006, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled on Mahoney vs. Illinois Industrial Commission. Robert Mahoney had suffered a work-related injury while working for United Airlines in the company’s Orlando, Florida facility, but he had been hired in the state of Illinois. At issue was whether Mr. Mahoney could collect workers’ compensation benefits in the state of Illinois for an injury that occurred in another state.

Initially, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (then called Illinois Industrial Commission) denied Mr. Mahoney’s claim, but his Illinois workers’ compensation attorney helped him bring his case to the state’s Supreme Court.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled in Robert Mahoney’s favor. The workers’ compensation attorney representing him was Jason Rubens.

What Mahoney vs. Illinois Industrial Commission Means for You

The Mahoney decision has been recognized as one of the most influential cases in Illinois workers’ compensation. The reason it is so important is that it potentially gives thousands of workers the right to file their claim in Illinois. This is extremely important because Illinois has laws that are more favorable to the injured worker than many other states. For example, Mr. Mahoney’s claim had approximately ten times the value in Illinois as in Florida.

The question at stake in Mahoney vs. Illinois Industrial Commission was one of jurisdiction. Put another way, the Illinois Supreme Court was asked to determine if being hired in Illinois automatically made an employee eligible to file an Illinois workers’ compensation claim regardless of whether he left the state of Illinois after being hired there. In fact, Mahoney holds that even an injured worker who never worked a day in Illinois can file an Illinois workers’ compensation claim as long as he was hired in Illinois.

Rubens Kress and Mulholland Concentrates in Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claims

Jason Rubens has done more than argue cases in the courts — by successfully representing Robert Mahoney in Mahoney vs. Illinois Industrial Commission, he helped shape state law for the good of all workers.

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