What If I’m Hurt at Work and Can’t Afford to See a Doctor?

Illinois workers' compensation lawyerIf you feel that you were injured at work and your claim is being denied and you therefore cannot afford to see a doctor, your lawyer can file a motion in court. If you win this motion, the arbitrator will order the workers’ compensation insurance company to pay for your medical treatment. Consequently, if you have an injury that you feel is work-related and the workers’ compensation company is denying treatment, you should contact an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer.

Why Do I Need to See a Doctor Right Away?

Even with insurance, medical care can be expensive, but it is important to realize that forgoing medical care after a workplace injury will lead to more than just pain and discomfort — it could damage your potential workers’ compensation claim beyond repair.

More importantly, foregoing treatment for an injury suffered today could lead to medical complications years later, long after a potential workers’ compensation claim would no longer be feasible.

For instance, if you hurt your leg and are able to cope with the pain and do your job at first, that is no guarantee that the pain will not get worse to the point where it has a detrimental effect on your employment, which could lead to termination down the line. If you failed to notify your employer of your initial injury in a timely manner, an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer may not be able to initiate a claim on your behalf.

Even if the injury does not seem severe, you should seek a medical evaluation after getting hurt at work — and you should visit our Illinois workers’ compensation law firm to discuss your options.

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