Workers’ Compensation for Truck Drivers in IL

Semi-truck on highwayCommercial truck drivers are susceptible to injuries in their line of work just like any other profession, and the nature of the job makes it especially important to understand the Illinois workers’ compensation process. Many truck drivers’ professional experience exclusively involves driving, so if an injury takes away their ability to perform their job, compensation becomes crucial.

Some of the most common injuries suffered by truck drivers include:

  • Back and neck injuries – Many professional truck drivers spend 5 – 7 days per week and 8 – 10 hours per day driving, with very few breaks. These long periods of sitting are often followed by short bursts of strenuous activity loading and unloading a truck, which often includes a lot of lifting and bending. As a result, truck drivers are highly susceptible to back and neck injuries.
  • Falls – Unloading, loading, making deliveries, and putting tire chains on a truck are some of the most common causes of falls among professional truck drivers.
  • Traffic accidents – Given the amount of time spent driving, traffic accidents are a constant risk for professional truck drivers.

What If My Injury Occurs Outside Illinois?

If your injury occurs out of state, but “arising out of” your employment, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation as long as your contract for hire was within the state of Illinois. This is incredibly important for professional truck drivers to understand, as the job frequently involves driving out of state.

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