Chicago Pedestrian Injury Attorney

Pedestrian accidents are very common personal injury accidents. In the United States there were 69,000 pedestrians injured in car accidents in 2008. There were 4378 pedestrians killed in car accidents in 2008. In Illinois alone there were 135 pedestrians killed in auto accidents in 2008.

Although common, each pedestrian accident has a unique set of circumstances and potential legal issues. Pedestrian accidents frequently occur due to drivers’ negligence. In certain cases the driver of the car was speeding, failed to obey a traffic signal or stop sign, was driving while intoxicated, on the cell phone or simply not paying attention. Navigating the legal responsibility of these scenarios is our focus. That is why it is important to contact an attorney immediately after the incident to discuss the circumstances of the accident and the legal issues involved.

If you were a pedestrian and the driver that hit you is uninsured or lacks sufficient insurance there is the possibility to use the uninsured or underinsured motorist segment of your insurance policy to be compensated for your damages. Many clients ignore this information to their detriment. Our firm will investigate the insurance policy of all parties and make a determination if additional insurance coverage and settlement recovery is possible.

The insurance company is usually involved immediately after the accident and begins preparing the case against your potential claims. The insurance company begins an investigation into the accident by contacting, investigating facts and taking statements of parties. The insurance company will do everything they can to make the accident look like your fault, i.e. you darted out in traffic or you were not walking in the crosswalk.

Since the defendants’ insurance company is actively working against you, you need someone representing your legal rights. If while walking you have been struck by an automobile and it was not your fault, you should have someone working on your behalf immediately. Our law firm will start investigating the accident as soon as you contact us. As always, the initial consultation for pedestrian accidents is free, so you have nothing to lose in contacting us and everything to gain.