Chicago Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Some dogs are vicious by nature and others can attack for no reason. Whether bit by a small dog, a big dog, or a vicious dog, dog bites can cause injuries that are compensable under the law. Being bitten by a dog can be very painful and oftentimes bites lead to permanent scarring. In addition to pain and suffering, scarring is an additional item of damages you can claim if bitten by a dog. Depending on where the scarring is, scars have different “value.”

The mere fact that the dog bit someone will hold the owner responsible as long as there is not a successful defense that the dog was provoked. The law holds the owner of the dog, or persons housing the dog, are responsible if their dog attacks or bites someone regardless of whether the dog had bitten or attacked someone in the past. As always, the initial consultation for dog bite accidents is free, so you have nothing to lose in contacting us and everything to gain.