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What are the Benefits of Taking My Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim to Trial?

What are the Benefits of Taking My Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim to Trial?

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What are the Advantages of Taking my Claim to Trial?

While accepting a settlement will guarantee you a certain amount of compensation, there are advantages to taking your workers’ compensation claim to trial. Whether it is the right choice is a matter between you and your Illinois workers’ compensation attorney, but it is important to be aware that there are some advantages to going to trial.

 Advantages of taking your workers’ comp claim to trail in Illinois

  • Future Medical Rights – If you accept a settlement, generally you will no longer be entitled to medical treatment for your injury under workers’ compensation. If your claim goes to trial and you win, your rights to medical treatment for your injury will remain open. This means that you will have the right to ask for future medical treatment. However, this does not mean that you will be guaranteed to be awarded that treatment.
  • The Potential for Greater Compensation – While accepting a settlement guarantees you a fixed amount of compensation, it is possible that you could get more if your claim goes to trial. This is not guaranteed — you could actually get less — but if your case is sound and your Illinois workers’ compensation attorney feels that the settlement offer is too low, going to trial may make sense.

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Should I Take My Workers’ Compensation Claim to Trial?

Taking your Illinois workers’ compensation claim to trial can be risky, because it is always possible that you could get less compensation than you would have gotten from a proposed settlement. The fact that you will retain your right to medical coverage for your injury if you go to trial and win makes it an especially appealing option if your injury is severe and has the potential to worsen.

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