Union Workers

Union Workers

Attorneys love to advertise that they want union business. Union workers often make high salaries which means they can potentially get big settlements.

But ask this question: Do theses attorneys really support unions? For example, Rubens Kress and Mulholland uses union print shops for its stationary and business cards.

Mr. Rubens expanded jurisdiction under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act by successfully changing the law in the case of Mahoney v. United Airlines.

The number of industry union employees that Rubens Kress and Mulholland have represented is too large to list. It includes, ramp servicemen, flight attendants, dock workers, electricians, plumbers, City of Chicago employees and movers.

Union workers often suffer serious injuries such as fractures, herniated discs, torn rotator cuffs and torn cartilage or ligaments of the knee. Rubens Kress and Mulholland has successfully represented union employees who have suffered these injuries as well as many more.

If you are a union worker who has been injured in the course of your work, contact the attorneys at Rubens Kress and Mulholland today.