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Can I Speed Up My Illinois Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury Case?

Can I Speed Up My Illinois Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury Case?

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It is understandable that you might want to put your personal injury or workers’ compensation claim behind you and move on with your life, but all you can do to ensure that your case proceeds smoothly is to listen to your attorney and do the right things. Whether you are working with an Illinois personal injury lawyer or an Illinois workers’ compensation attorney, there are some common-sense steps to take to help your claim proceed as smoothly as possible:

  • Keep Your Lawyer Updated – Send all medical bills and documentation related to your claim to your lawyer. Contact them with any questions. Don’t be shy about speaking with your attorney — your lawyer is working on your behalf, and is there to help you receive compensation for your injury.
  • Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions – Do what your doctor tells you, whether that involves something like undergoing physical therapy or restrictions like not lifting too much. Not only will doing so help you recover, but it will also bolster your case — if the defendant can prove that you are disregarding your doctor’s instructions, that can be used against you when you seek compensation.
  • Be Discrete – Posting on social media about your injury, exaggerating its severity, or even downplaying its effects on your daily life could weaken your claim. Let the legal process play itself out.
  • Know Your Goals – Maybe you just want to get back to work. Maybe you were hoping to retire soon, but that plan was derailed by your injury. Maybe you just want to ensure that your medical costs are covered. Whether you are working with an Illinois personal injury lawyer or a workers’ compensation attorney, it is important to figure out what exactly you hope to accomplish with your claim. In some cases, taking your case to trial may be the best choice, while in others a settlement may be ideal. Your lawyer can help you figure out what will best serve your interests.

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