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How Long Will My Personal Injury Claim Take?

How Long Will My Personal Injury Claim Take?

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A personal injury lawsuit can bring a great deal of unwanted stress into your life, and the last thing you want is for your case to feel as though it will never reach a resolution. How long does a personal injury lawsuit take? The answer will vary on a case-by-case basis, with some of the most substantial factors to consider being the liability involved in the case, the severity of the injury or injuries sustained, and the insurance company involved with the claim. Keep reading for more details from the personal injury attorneys from The Law Offices of Jason H. Rubens, P.C..

Liability Involved in the Case

Typically in an accident, one party is found to be at-fault for the injuries sustained by another party — but there are other cases where it isn’t so clear who holds liability. The individuals involved in the accident may heavily disagree on who was actually at-fault, resulting in the need for an additional in-depth investigation into the facts of the accident. This can significantly lengthen the time it takes for a personal injury case to be resolved given the need for witness interviews, contact with local police, getting depositions from each party, and possibly more.

Severity of the Injury Sustained

The extent of the injury or injuries sustained in an accident can also affect the answer to “How long does a personal injury case take?” Generally speaking, the more serious the injuries, the longer it may take to reach a settlement. It is usually not recommended that the victim opt to resolve their case until they’ve received the full extent of treatment, meaning that injuries requiring surgery or a particularly lengthy treatment process may extend the duration of a personal injury claim (a lawsuit is different than a claim).

Insurance Company Involved in the Claim

When looking into how long a personal injury lawsuit takes, it’s important to remember that the insurance company involved with the claim is a business. For them, the ideal situation is to not have to pay out on claims if they don’t have to; as such, they may attempt to drag out a personal injury claim unnecessarily or even look for a way to deny it outright. Every insurance company operates differently in terms of settling personal injury claims. Some might seek to resolve a case right away with an unsatisfactory settlement amount, while others won’t resolve anything without taking the case to court.

Unfortunately for the victim, the action taken by the insurance company can have a significant impact on the length of their case. This is why it’s so important to have representation with extensive experience in personal injury litigation. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know the kind of strategies insurance companies will use to delay or deny the compensation you deserve. All of us at The Law Offices of Jason H. Rubens, P.C. are dedicated to providing a fast and fair settlement, and it shows in our results.

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From liability disputes to deflective actions on part of some insurance companies, the answer to “How long does a personal injury case take?” comes with many complexities. At The Law Offices of Jason H. Rubens, P.C., our Illinois personal injury attorneys are dedicated to providing the experienced representation you need to ensure a fast and fair settlement. Learn more about us and how we will fight hard to advocate for you, then contact us for a free consultation for your personal injury case.

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