Can I Sue Someone Other Than the Driver After a Car Accident?

Car Accident in IntersectionIn most instances where you are taking legal action as a result of an automobile collision, your Illinois auto accident attorney will initiate a claim against the driver who was at fault, but there exceptions. The fact of the matter is that there are often many contributing factors to car accidents, and there are times when liability extends beyond the at-fault driver. That is why it is important to seek the services of an experienced auto accident attorney following a collision.

When Can I Sue Someone Other Than the Driver?

  • The most common instances of liability extending beyond the at-fault driver are situations where the individual is driving on behalf of his employer when the collision occurs. If a truck driver has been driving in excess of the number of hours allotted by federal standards for the day or week, you may be able to initiate a claim against the trucking company.
  • You could initiate a claim against the owner of the vehicle if the owner knew the driver was impaired and still allowed to the driver to use their vehicle.
  • There are also instances where you can initiate a claim against an insurance company itself if you can prove that they acted in bad faith in handling your claim.

This is just a sampling of cases in which you may be able to initiate claim against someone other than an at-fault drive following a collision. Because the facts of every case vary greatly, and because litigation surrounding collisions and injuries tends to be complex, it is important to have an experienced auto accident attorney on your side.

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