How Should I Document a Personal Injury?

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The need to take legal action to obtain compensation following a personal injury can be intimidating. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the importance of properly documenting your injury. There are three things you should do right away after suffering a personal injury in Illinois:

  1. Seek medical attention.
  2. Hire an experienced personal injury attorney.
  3. Begin documenting everything related to the case, including your injury, property damage (if applicable), medical expenses, and the scene of the injury/accident.

What Information Do I Need to Record?

You should begin the documentation process immediately, while events are still fresh in your mind. Make notes about how the injury or accident occurred, and obtain evidence that supports your claims.

Some of the documents you should collect include:

  • Police or accident reports.
  • Contact information for the people involved in the accident, as well as witnesses.
  • Medical records, reports, and bills.
  • Estimated current and future losses for medical care, property damage, and lost wages.

Should I Take Pictures of an Injury or Accident?

You should take pictures of the injury itself as well as any damage to your property. Don’t just get one or two pictures — take photos from every angle, including close-ups and long-distance shots. If possible, take pictures of the injury before and after treatment, though of course you should not delay medical treatment for this purpose. In addition to pictures of your injuries, you should also include photos of yourself prior to the injury.

You should also take pictures of the environment in which the injury occurred — in the case of a car accident, take photos of stop signs and traffic lights if applicable.

Remember, it is much better to have too much documentation than too little. Your attorney can help you decide what is most important to your case.

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