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What is a Torn Rotator Cuff and Can It be Caused by an Automobile Accident?

What is a Torn Rotator Cuff and Can It be Caused by an Automobile Accident?

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A torn rotator cuff is an extremely painful injury that can result in limited range of motion for your shoulder and arm. This can be debilitating, and one of the ways you can suffer this injury is through an automobile accident. If you have been in a car accident, you should contact an Illinois personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your legal options. Continue reading to learn more about the injury and how a collision can cause it.

What is a Torn Rotator Cuff?

The rotator cuff consists of four muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint, and its primary function is in giving the shoulder a wide range of motion. The rotator cuff is used for a tremendous array of tasks, including simply lifting your arm.

When a tear is inflicted upon at least one of the tendons of the rotator cuff, it’s called a torn rotator cuff. A torn rotator cuff can cause a wide range of issues, from a dull ache in the shoulder, to severe pain radiating throughout the arm, to a limited range of motion for the affected shoulder, or a combination of all of these symptoms.

In the case of a minor rotator cuff tear, you may be able to recover by undergoing physical therapy to improve the flexibility and strength of the muscles around the shoulder joint. In the case a severe injury (typically involving a complete tear of the muscle or tendon), surgery may be required.

How Can an Automobile Accident Cause a Torn Rotator Cuff?

While most people who experience a torn rotator cuff are either athletes or people whose professions involve repetitive overhead motions (such as carpenters and painters), automobile accidents can also cause a torn rotator cuff. Your shoulder can absorb force from a variety of angles during a car accident, which can lead to your rotator cuff being torn.

Since a rotator cuff tear does not involve a broken bone, it may be more difficult to detect than a fracture, and will not show up on an x-ray. The other party involved in the accident may also attempt to cast doubt on your injury. These are reasons why it’s so important to contact a medical professional and an Illinois personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your auto accident. Rubens and Mulholland has handled dozens of torn rotator cuff injuries, both operative and non-operative.

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If you have experienced a torn rotator cuff as a result of an automobile accident, or if you think you may have, you should contact an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney. Rubens and Mulholland is a Chicago law firm with a track record of success that charges no fee unless you collect. To discuss your options, contact Rubens and Mulholland online, at 312-201-9640, or toll-free at 866-890-9640.

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