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You’ve Been in a Car Accident-Do You Need a Lawyer?

You’ve Been in a Car Accident-Do You Need a Lawyer?

Car accidents can be a traumatic experience. It is perfectly normal to feel upset and confused. It is exactly those reasons that you should consider working with an experienced Chicago lawyer to resolve any car accident injury issues.

For example, let’s say a vehicle slams into your car as you drive through an intersection. In many cases you might find yourself being contacted by the other driver’s insurance company calls urging you to settle with them. Again another reason to talk to a Chicago car accident attorney to protect your rights. The lawyers at Rubens Kress and Mulholland with provide you with a free consultation. They can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (866) 890-9640.

Do not go at it alone, the insurance company is working with their own group of legal professionals and you deserve equal representation. Lawyers that are on your side and fight for your rights. Why go it alone, spending weeks or even months arguing with the insurance company until you getthe money to cover your medical bills and vehicle damage?

Here are some tips to help you determine whether or not you should retain a lawyer involved after an accident:

  • If you have any pain or injury after an accident hire a lawyer. In many cases, car accident injuries do not show up for days or even weeks after the accident. Of course, if you have to stay overnight in the hospital or if you suffer from any serious injury as a result of the accident, speak to an attorney. This could include permanent scarring, loss of a limb or loss of bodily function (such as excessive back or neck pain or a knee injury). You should also hire an attorney if you require long-term care as a result of your injuries.
  • Why would you want to negotiate with the driver’s insurance company? Remember, working with an Attorney from Rubens & Kress costs you nothing and you only pay a fee if they win your case.

If you do decide to hire a lawyer, don’t simply go with the first lawyer who chases down your ambulance or shows up in your hospital room. Make sure you use a car accident lawyer that is experienced and will aggressively fight for your rights like the Chicago injury attorneys at Rubens & Kress.

Some additional things to keep in mind:

  • After the accident, be sure to get a copy of the police report.
  • Call your insurance company as soon as possible. Your agent can give you advice about what steps totake next and help cover your expenses if the other driver doesn’t have insurance.
  • Take thorough notes and keep a record of everyone you talk to and when you spoke with them. This includes insurance representatives and doctors.
  • Be sure to get a claim number from the insurance company, and include that number on any correspondence with the insurer.
  • If the other driver is at fault, get his insurance information and call the company immediately. Tell his insurer that you want to file a third-party claim. They will probably ask you to describe the accident—remember to be very careful with your description. Simply state exactly what happened, and do not make any assumptions. If you change your story, they may try to claim you are at fault.
  • If an insurer pressures you to settle your medical bills at the same time you settle your auto claim, do not give in until you speak to an attorney. They will make sure you receive full compensation for your injury and expenses. Remember, once you settle your medical claim, you could be responsible for paying any future medical bills associated with your accident injury.
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