What Should I NOT Do After an Auto Accident?

Auto AccidentAfter an auto accident, your top two priorities should be to get medical attention if necessary and to contact an Illinois personal injury lawyer if you are hurt. As important as it is to do the right things after an auto accident, there are also some things that you should not do following a collision.

Things You Should Avoid Doing Following a Collision

  • Do not say that the accident was your fault, or even partially your fault. Such an admission can be used against you, even if that admission turns out to be incorrect. Auto accidents typically happen very quickly, and it is possible that an investigation will show that you are not at fault, even if you believe otherwise immediately after the collision.
  • Do not leave the scene of the auto accident. Unless you require immediate medical attention, you should wait for the police to arrive and record information about the collision. A police report will play an important role if you pursue a personal injury claim, and leaving the scene early can hurt your case. When speaking to the police, stick to the facts: don’t apologize or admit fault.
  • Do not give a statement to an insurance company without consulting an Illinois personal injury lawyer. The fact of the matter is that any statement given to an insurer, even informally, could be used against you if you pursue a personal injury claim.
  • Do not get rid of your car without consulting an Illinois personal injury attorney. If your vehicle was totaled in a collision, it may be tempting to sell it to a salvage yard, but it is possible that your car may be valuable evidence if you pursue a personal injury claim.

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