Chicago Wrongful Death Lawyer


Wrongful death cases involve the death of someone as a result of another party’s negligence. Wrongful death can occur in all types of accidents, whether it is an automobile accident, a construction accident, or slip and fall accident. Issues that frequently are present are the physician patient privilege, time limits for filing a wrongful death claim and who is able to litigate for the wrongful death.

The death of the person does not have to occur immediately after the accident for a wrongful death claim to be made. A person’s death may be caused by an accident that occurred several months or even years before their death. There are several different potential monetary damages that can be sought by family members of the deceased for wrongful death. A claim for pain and suffering may also be made in a wrongful death case if the deceased experienced conscious pain before his death. Our law firm will start investigating wrongful death cases immediately. As always, the initial consultation for wrongful death cases is free, so you have noting to lose in contacting us and everything to gain.