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12 Facts About Illinois Work Related Injuries (Illinois Workers’ Compensation)

12 Facts About Illinois Work Related Injuries (Illinois Workers’ Compensation)

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1. Did you know that in Illinois, you are often entitled to collect money for your permanent work related injuries that occurred within the course and scope of your employment?

2. Your employer must cover all necessary and reasonable medical bills incurred as a result of your work injury. Generally, you may treat with up to two doctors of your choice at your employer’s expense.

3. Your employer is required to pay you two-thirds of your average weekly wage for any lost time related to your work injury.

4. Generally, any money you receive as a result of an Illinois workers’ compensation claim is tax-free.

5. An aggravation of a preexisting condition is also covered.

6. Generally, in Illinois workers’ compensation cases, the amount that your attorney can charge you is limited by law to 20% of any disputed money that is offered or awarded to you.

7. Many claims that are initially denied by insurance companies are eventually accepted or an award is made in favor of the injured worker by an arbitrator.

8. Generally, workers’ compensation in Illinois is a no-fault system. This means that you do not have to prove that your employer was negligent.

9. In many cases, you may have a right to collect money from a “third party” who was at fault for your accident.

10. Repetitive trauma cases, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

11. Generally, if you are not able to return to your old job as a result of your work injury, your employer has to assist you in finding a new job or pay you a portion of your lost income. If you have to take a lower-paying job as a result of your work injures, your employer is responsible for paying a portion of the difference in income.

12. Your employer is strictly prohibited from harassing you or firing you for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

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