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Can a Workers’ Compensation Claim be Reopened in Illinois?

Can a Workers’ Compensation Claim be Reopened in Illinois?

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If you settled your case you most likely signed a lump sum settlement agreement that closes all your rights including Section 8(a) (the right to petition for future medical benefits) and 19(h) (the right to petition for an increase in permanent partial disability. In rare cases with serious injuries, sometimes it is possible to leave your medical rights open. If you go to trial on your case, your 8(a) and 19(h) rights remain open.

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Can a closed workers’ comp case be reopened in Illinois? As we discussed above, the circumstances under which this might be possible are very specific. If you are suffering a worsened condition caused by a past work-related injury and are questioning whether you can reopen an Illinois workers’ comp claim, contact the Chicago-based workers’ compensation attorneys at Rubens & Mulholland for a free consultation.

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