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What is the Average Workers’ Compensation Settlement Amount in Illinois?

What is the Average Workers’ Compensation Settlement Amount in Illinois?

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Although each workers’ compensation case is different and it is difficult to estimate the settlement amount of a particular workers’ compensation case, there are several factors that influence the settlement amount. Since every case is different, trying to estimate based on the average workers’ compensation settlement amount in Illinois isn’t helpful.

As experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys, we understand your desire to have an estimate of the settlement amount for your case, but it is important to keep in mind the many considerations affecting a workers’ compensation settlement.

Important Facts in a Workers’ Compensation Case

Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, there are several central facts for each case that may impact the settlement amount. For example, the type of medical treatment the injured person received and whether the injured person is able to return to the same job will likely have an impact on the workers’ compensation settlement amount.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Depending on the facts of the case, there are different types of workers’ compensation benefits that an injured employee may receive, which may also affect the amount of the settlement. If an employee becomes permanently partially disabled as a result of the work injury, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides an equation and several factors to determine the level of disability based on the body part injured and the injury’s impact on the employee’s ability to work.

Wage Differential Award

An injured employee may receive a wage differential award or settlement if the injured worker is unable to return to his or her position and subsequently earns a lower income at his or her new job. The wage differential award is designed to compensate the employee for the inconsistency between the employee’s salary at the time of the work injury and the employee’s current salary in the new position.

Rubens and Mulholland: Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorneys That Can Help

While each workers’ compensation case is different and no one can offer an accurate estimate of an Illinois workers’ compensation settlement amount, you can contact the team at Rubens and Mulholland to further discuss the facts of your case and explore your legal options with our Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys. Boasting a record of success in workers’ compensation cases, the attorneys at Rubens and Mulholland are dedicated to maximizing your workers’ compensation settlement — and we charge no fee unless you collect. To schedule a free consultation, contact Rubens and Mulholland online, at (312) 201-9640, or toll-free at (866) 890-9640.

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