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Will My Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover Cosmetic Surgery?

Will My Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover Cosmetic Surgery?

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Suffering disfigurement as part of a work-related injury is a very real possibility, particularly in manufacturing and construction jobs. Since not all disfigurements will affect your ability to return to work, you may encounter difficulty when trying to get compensation to cover cosmetic surgery that can correct that disfigurement. Fortunately, a capable Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help.

What is Disfigurement?

In the context of workers’ compensation coverage, “disfigurement” indicates an injury that involves cosmetic damage without impairing your health or your ability to do your job. Examples of this could include scarring or losing some of your teeth.

Will My Illinois Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover Surgery to Correct Disfigurement?

While sustaining some of kind of disfigurement with your injury may not affect your ability to do your job, it will likely affect your quality of life. Because Illinois law requires workers’ compensation benefits to cover all “necessary” medical care that is “reasonably required” to treat a work-related injury, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny claims for cosmetic surgery following disfigurement.

The likelihood of receiving coverage for such treatment will vary according to the severity of your disfigurement. For instance, a small scar on an extremity likely won’t be covered, but you are more likely to receive benefits to correct missing teeth, a severe scar on your face, or another major and apparent disfigurement that has an effect on your quality of life. You may also be eligible to collect permanent partial disability settlement or awards for disfigurement.

Regardless of the extent of your injury and/or disfigurement, retaining the services of an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer will go a long way toward helping you secure the benefits you deserve.

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If you have suffered disfigurement, you should contact a capable Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible after you suffer a work-related injury. We charge no fee unless you collect, so you can be confident that we will do everything in our power to help you secure the benefits you deserve. To discuss your legal options, contact Rubens and Mulholland online, at 312-201-9640, or toll-free at 866-890-9640.

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