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Are You Seeking a Settlement for a Herniated Disc Suffered in an Accident?

Are You Seeking a Settlement for a Herniated Disc Suffered in an Accident?

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If you are looking for information on settlements for herniated disc injuries, then you should first know exactly what a herniated disc is and how it may be caused.

The vertebrae in your back are cushioned by small, spongy discs that, when healthy, work as shock absorbers and help maintain the flexibility of your spine. A damaged disc may bulge or even break open — this is a herniated disc. Symptoms include pain and/or numbness radiating down your legs or arms, and weakness in the affected area. Herniated discs can be caused by simple wear and tear associated with aging, as well as by spinal injuries suffered on or off the job.

Herniated disc injuries can result in a number of different ways, commonly including:

  • Car accidents
  • Slipping and falling
  • As a result of heavy lifting in the workplace (as with dock workers, ramp servicemen, and construction workers)


If you are looking for compensation for a herniated disc injury, it is important to determine which laws are applicable to the case. If the injury occurred while you were at work as a result of your job duties, you should likely begin by initiating a claim under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

If the injury is the result of a car accident or another external force outside of the workplace, a settlement may be pursued under the rules of personal injury law.

Factors That May Affect an Injury Claim

There are several factors that may affect an injury claim, including:

  • Nature and extent of the injury
  • Duration of the injury
  • Whether the injury is temporary or permanent
  • The amount of pain and suffering associated with the injury
  • Defendant liability
  • Witness testimony

Because there are many factors that determine how and if compensation is awarded in a personal injury claim, it is important to seek representation from an attorney that is well-versed in the applicable laws.

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